How to Pressure Wash Garage Floor

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Have you noticed a layer of grime and dirt on your garage floor? Does it look ten shades darker than when you bought your house? If you answered yes to these questions, you need to pressure wash your garage floor

It may sound like a daunting task that involves a lot of pressure to get the perfect result (pun intended). But pressure washing refers to a tool rather than the method used to clean the floor. All you need for a sparkling clean concrete masterpiece is a pressure washer and light detergent. 

All you need is a pressure washer

Cleaning a garage floor coated in grime, grease, and dirt requires pressurized water. A pressure cleaner can clean solidified layers of dust. It functions at a pressure higher than 3000 psi and a flow rate of 4 gallons per minute. A pressure cleaner will leave your concrete floor glimmering. 

That takes care of the main equipment. 

Next, you’ll need a detergent that doesn’t contain acid. This is because concrete is basic or alkaline, and acid corrodes Portland cement. Portland cement is a significant concrete ingredient. It combines with sand and aggregate to make concrete. The detergent must penetrate the concrete, which is porous, for deep cleaning.

The only mental equipment you need is patience! 

And finally, you could make yourself a groovy cleaning playlist. We know that dusting with no moves to bust is no fun. 

The moves, the method, the squeaky clean grooves 

First, set up your pressure washer and dilute some detergent in lukewarm water. Set these materials aside and ensure your garage floor is clear of all your belongings. 

The ideal place to take your things is out of the garage. Place them at a height so the pressurized water doesn’t splatter over them. 

Lather the decluttered floor with soapy water. You can use a scrub brush to manually clean tough stains on the floor. 

If you haven’t cleaned in a few months, I’d recommend using a scrub brush to ease the grease. Plus, some manual scrubbing will help you get those dance moves in for some exercise! 

After scrubbing, turn on the pressure washer with the outlet facing away from you. Directing the water away from you prevents the risk of injury. 

Move the washer along the floor to rinse off the loose grime in long, straight strokes. Direct this water out of the garage, away from the house. Moving the washer in straight lines will ensure your cleaning doesn’t leave any patterns on the floor. 

Now that you’re done washing the floor with soap, check for residual stains. You can apply more soap and do a focused scrubbing on the stains. Repeat the pressure washing. The stains should be gone now! 

Finally, rinse the floor with the pressure washer one last time to get rid of all the soap. Let it dry and then replace your belongings.  

Ta-da, you’re done! If you’ve been dancing while cleaning, you’ve probably got a nice sweat going too. 

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