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best tile floor cleaner machine guide

What is the best tile floor cleaner machine? There are multiple factors to take into account. Some related to the type of tile floor and some related to your personal needs. Let’s explore them together.

Popular tile materials are ceramics, marble chips, glass, and some sorts of ornamental stones. A special kind of floor surface frequently associated with tile is grout, a thin mixture for stabilization of soil or, most typically, sand.

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We had a look at the most popular machines that clean tile floors and analyzed their pros and cons so that you can choose the right tile floor cleaner for you.

Best Tile Floor Cleaning Machines in 2024

#1. BISSELL 2039A
  • Weight - 9.5 lbs
  • Water Tank - 28 ounce
  • Warranty - 2 years
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#2. Oreck ORB550MC
  • Weight - 24 lbs
  • Cord Length - 35 feet
  • Warranty - 1 year
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#3. Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2
  • Weight - 15.6 lbs
  • Bin Capacity - 0,26 gal
  • Warranty - 5 years
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#4. Dyson DC41
  • Weight - 17.1 lbs
  • Bin Capacity - 0.55 gal
  • Warranty - 5 years
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#5. ILIFE A4s Robot
  • Weight - 4,4 lbs
  • Bin Capacity - 0,12 gal
  • Warranty - 1 year
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bissell 1940#6. Bissell 1940
  • Weight – 6.4 lbs
  • Water tank – 16 ounces
  • Cord length – 23 feet
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#7. Oreck ORB700MB
  • Weight – 22.2 lbs
  • Cord Length – 30 feet
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#8. Tineco iFloor
  • Weight – 6.5 lbs
  • Clean/Dirty Water Tank – 18.6/13.5 ounces
  • Warranty – 2 years
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  • Weight - 9.5 lbs
  • Water Tank – 11.5 ounces
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Cord Length – 20 feet
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BISSELL Spinwave 2039A – Handheld floor cleaner for tile floors

best tile floor cleaning machine review

At first glance, it could be mistaken with an ordinary mop, but in fact, it is one of the most multi-functional tiles and grout cleaners for home use. When used as a scrubber, it puts an end to your manual scrubbing saving you a lot of your time, effort, and energy.

The main concern when scrubbing is whether the process is going to hurt the surface. There is nothing to fear with this model as it comes with touchpads that will protect your tiles from the hard ends of your cleaner.  This is more important than you may think at first. When you scrub manually, you may put too much energy into the process unconsciously. This may cause scratches and damage to the designs depending on the material that you use. Whereas, the above-mentioned pads serve for gentle and at the same time effective removal of the toughest messes. Without a cleaner, sticky dirt requires considerable strain that does not yet guarantee a proper result.

What makes the pads unique is the power spin principle obvious from the name of the device. Rapid rotations prevent you from the uncomfortable and unpleasant hands-and-knees posture in cleaning your tile floor. [/su_label]For any other sort of hard floor, this cleaner is equally suitable. In addition, you have a chance to purchase a so-called long-lasting performance bundle, that is, a set of cleaning pads made of additional wear-proof material. Besides, a special complement does not only include the pads, but also a cleanser that fits tile floors. The more actively you use the pads, the more frequent replacement they are going to require, but it is worth it.

Interesting features

For further cleaning simplification, BISSELL 2039A makes it possible to store up to 28 ounces of water inside, while the majority of mops and cleaners still require access to pure water. Naturally, that volume is not for immediate use: there is an on-demand spray system. In other words, the cleaner uses an ordinary solution of water and the most relevant cleanser. In a single movement, you can dispense the exact amount you currently need. Unless you need a full tank for a very large surface, you may only fill half of it. The only drawback is that you have to keep holding the trigger until spraying is done.


  1. A set of cleaning pads;
  2. the long-lasting complement includes additionally waterproof cleaning pads;
  3. the special one bears a tile floor cleaner.
  • tank capacity and two fill lines;
  • spraying system;
  • washable and replaceable cleaning pads;
  • long cord.

  • need for buying new pads separately.


BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, 2039A is a good cleaner that is likely to help you clean your tile or grout floor. It has shown its ability to perform rather well in big areas such as kitchens and halls. In cleaning, you do not need any outlets, and you have no chance to fall over a cord. On the contrary, although grabbling is eliminated, the use of a handheld cleaner still presupposes substantial effort. Besides, this cleaner would hardly be suitable in a bathroom or a restroom due to its considerable dimensions and insufficient flexibility.

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC – Professional grout cleaning machine adaptable for home use

grout cleaning machine adaptable review

This scrubber has gained extreme popularity in professional cleaning: in case you hire a cleaning company, they are very likely to use it. That is of hardly any surprise, considering its numerous benefits. This particular cleaner is not only well adapted to grout itself, but to any kind of hard floor, including tile, vinyl, and even wood. The latter are rather widespread and frequently seen as elements of a well-designed interior meeting the demands of this or that style (antique, folk, etc.). Similar to tile, they are not easy to clean; however, this is not a problem for Oreck ORB550MC.

Another interior design solution that requires constant care is carpets – those should not be exposed to water. On this background, there appears a need for dry cleaning also possible for the machine under review. The same is topical for some types of hard floors, which has inspired the manufacturers to introduce this machine that generally performs as a dry cleaner.

All the foregoing is realizable thanks to an orbital drive that enables the incredibly rapid oscillation of a brush or a pad (up to 175 RPM). As a result, dirt simply flies sideways and is easily absorbed. This kind of technology shows the highest efficiency in junctures between tiles.

Power is not the only reason why Oreck ORB550MC is regarded as a professional cleaning machine. In addition, it has a very long cord that enables covering a diameter of up to a hundred feet. This is especially relevant in a variety of industrial areas; as for home, you do not need to change the plug as often in the course of cleaning.

Features and benefits

Besides cleaning itself, Oreck ORB550MC is capable of scrubbing, polishing, stripping, and waxing. Without special equipment, such procedures usually result in unattractive dinky twists or marks on the floor. Furthermore, ill-organized cleaning may even be likely to damage the surface, when done desperately. That usually happens when the mess that you want to clear up is large and/or very sticky. Actually, the latter determines another considerable advantage of this particular cleaner: it readily attacks dirt that has been on the floor for ages. So, if you are moving into a property that hasn’t been inhabited for a long time or finally clean up those areas of your loft that are not accessed that frequently, this cleaner is irreplaceable.

Then, in order to clean different surfaces most effectively, the machine is combinable with attachments and accessories, such as brushes or pads as well as shampoos. Notwithstanding the need for buying those separately, there is going to be a productive tandem. Furthermore, the manufacturer gives a warranty for the machine; however, not for the brushes and pads sold separately.

  • extreme power;
  • substantial coverable area;
  • an orbital drive that enables most efficient dirt removal;
  • versatility on both hard and carpeted floors.

  • a necessity for purchasing attachments additionally (after which versatility is possible);
  • low mobility limits the chance for individual home use.


Oreck Commercial ORB550MC evidently belongs to the most efficient ceramic tile floor scrubbers. However, it is rather relevant for industrial and/or professional cleaning than home use. That derives from its considerable weight and dimensions, due to which the machine is difficult to transport and operate if you don’t consider yourself physically strong. Neither is it able to reach any spot, for example, among the clutter, under a sofa, or behind the toilet. Whereas, in wide-open areas, it is extremely productive. In conclusion, it should be regarded as a heavy-duty floor scrubbing machine that cleans tile floors well.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 – Good lightweight vacuum cleaner for seniors

lightweight vacuum cleaner review

Someone may wonder if cleaning is appropriate for hard floors like tile. Do they not require water, cleanser, and carefulness? Of course, they do; however, cleaning is hardly ever going to be successful without preliminary dust removal. Because of that, we are focusing this review on a cleaner whose major task is eliminating the dust. Completing it is primarily possible thanks to the unique cleaner head able to adjust to whatever type of surface, including carpet, vinyl, tile, and wood floors. This feature makes the machine practically irreplaceable in terms of efficient dusting.

Then, Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 to suck in more microscopic dust than any cleaner in the course of history. Small particles of dust tend to mix with water, resulting in sticky mud difficult to get rid of. Whereas, the given cleaner uses so-called cyclone technology that provides constant suction and appears as the major identity of the brand Dyson. In fact, it is present in any vacuum under this label, not purely in the given model. This type of technology appears most relevant in the kitchen, given that cooking frequently produces hardly visible but unpleasant and potentially harmful particles. This cleaner is maximally targeted at hygiene, which is obvious from the bin emptying system: you only have to push a single button. In particular, this is of crucial importance for the elderly who may find it challenging to clean everything by hand.

Useful features

The majority of vacuums lack a flexible junction between the wand and the brush to improve the maneuvering. Multi Floor 2 does have such construction, providing you with a chance to vacuum clean remote spots, for instance, under furniture or even near the ceiling. Seniors are going to appreciate this too because such an approach enables the fullest cleaning with minimal effort.

What simplifies the process as well is the small weight of the machine (no more than 16 pounds) and the cord whose overall length reaches forty feet. That makes it easy to cover a considerable area without frequent outlet switching and saves time as well as energy.


  1. A stair cleaner.
  2. A combination cleaner.
  • self-adjustment to any type of floor, including tile;
  • cyclone technology for non-stop sucking the smallest dust;
  • a button to easily empty the bin;
  • improved mobility and flexibility;
  • long cord.

  • can be a smell of overheated plastic after long cleaning.


Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum is a good solution to vacuum clean any sort of hard floor, let alone carpets. It can cover a large diameter, getting to hard-to-reach spots, which determines its applicability for a bathroom/restroom or a kitchen. Whereas, it is not perfect in bedrooms: notwithstanding the ability to go into beds as well, the machine overheats in the course of cleaning and starts emitting an unpleasant smell. This happens because the case is made of thin plastic vulnerable to heating which leads to a higher cracking probability. On the upside, this material reduces the weight considerably.

Dyson DC41 – Excellent kitchen floor cleaning machine

kitchen floor cleaning machine review

The first thing you are going to notice may be the nice fuchsia color untypical of domestic appliances. But there are plenty of other features that make this cleaner unique.

There is a considerable range of reasons why it would be a good idea to choose Dyson DC41 for cleaning tile floors. First off, similarly to the previous model and any Dyson machine, this one uses the radial root cyclone technology that maximizes suction power and simplifies getting rid of the smallest dust. On the contrary, there may be certain trouble with large particles like long pet hair. The technology is not perfect, so, if you have pets around, sometimes you will have to clean the same spot twice or more. Although, the chance of jamming is minimal. Another well-known brand identity of Dyson is the cleaner head able to react and, subsequently, self-adjust to any floor.

The most cumbersome trouble in cleaning is hard-to-reach spots. Those are especially numerous in the rooms where tile floors are popular, namely, showers, bathrooms, restrooms, and kitchens. For instance, is it not challenging to clean under the bath, behind the toilet, or between the cupboard/cooker/fridge and the wall? The so-called ball technology used in the cleaner under review improves mobility and flexibility substantially thanks to smooth steering and turnabout capacity.

Another contributor to the transportability of the device is its small weight. In addition to moving between rooms, it is rather easy to lift the machine onto a chair or anything else in order to clean closer to the ceiling. Kitchen furniture isn’t challenging for DC41 either: you are going to find the most relevant adaptors attached. The only obstacle derives from the location of the power button: it is too close to the brush, which is not always comfortable. Besides, similarly to the foregoing machine, this one can emit a smell of overheated plastic in cleaning that is warning you that it may crack if you don’t give it a break.

Useful information

For both spares and labor, the manufacturer provides a five-year warranty. However, the case of the vacuum does not have space to hold all attachments. As a result, you will have to store a couple of them somewhere else, which creates a risk of losing them. Although the manufacturer is reported to provide a special box, you still may lose it together with the adaptors.


A stair cleaner, a cleaner suitable for cleaning couches (need to be stored separately).

  • small weight;
  • cleaner head automatically adjustable to whatever type of floor;
  • cleaning between/behind/under the furniture;
  • ball technology that enables equal steadiness of movement on a tile floor and a carpet;
  • cleaning upholstery.

  • unpleasant smell after long use;
  • lack of spots for attachment storage on the case.


Dyson DC41 is a light and maneuverable machine that allows cleaning tile, vinyl, and wood floors alongside carpets and upholstery. It goes to the least accessible areas and is particularly effective in kitchens and lavatories, which makes the DC41 cleaner most suitable for such rooms. It is efficient on the smallest dust; however, something larger than short hair may challenge it considerably. In general, this machine appears as a versatile cleaner thanks to replaceable adaptors.

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Automotive floor cleaning machine for home use

robotic cleaner review

Robotic cleaners have already gained substantial popularity in the modern world thanks to the need for saving time, energy, and effort. In addition to clothes and dishes, it is possible to have your floor (independently of whether is made of tile, wood, or carpeted) cleaned by a robot as well.

Some ill-designed robotic cleaners tend to bump into doors or walls and even fall down the stairs. ILIFE A4s has sensors to prevent that from happening. The same sensors enable cleaning under beds, tables, and baths (where they are likely to encounter a tile floor). By the way, walls and footstalls don’t challenge this machine either. Turning it to carpets, it is noticeably less productive on long ones, but hard floors are where it shines.

The entire process is as automatized as it could ever be. Following the preset program, the vacuum starts cleaning whenever you need it. In case the battery is low, it returns and connects to the docking station on its own. Thus and so, you do not have to monitor the charge; in fact, your only task lies in scheduling the program, that is, setting when and where to clean. On a full battery, it can work for two hours and a half non-stop.

Another substantial advantage of ILIFE A4s lies in the fact that there is no need for buying any additional attachments or complements. By single shipping, you are going to get everything: the vacuum itself, a charging base, remote control with batteries included, an AC power adapter, and a set of cleaners such as brushes and filters. For them all, the manufacturer gives a one-year warranty. After that, some parts such as the battery and the motor may need replacement in case of active utilization.

Additional Accessories

A charging base, remote control with batteries included, an AC power adapter, a set of cleaning cleaners (brushes, filters).

  • maximally automatized cleaning that does not require your effort and starts whenever you wish;
  • bumping as well as falling avoidance;
  • cleaning under furniture as well as in other hard-to-reach spots;
  • the complement that includes everything needed.

  • hardly any chance for cleaning under couches that may be physically too low for the machine.


If you are fond of tile or vinyl floors but hate cleaning, you are going to find ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner helpful. Actually, this one really seems the best tile floor cleaning machine. Whereas, its efficiency on carpets raises doubts directly depending on the length of the pile. What is more, the given cleaner may not be considered long-lasting. The more actively you use it, the sooner its mechanism gets outworn, which cannot but interfere with the quality of cleaning, sometimes dramatically.

Bissell 1940: Powerful Tile Cleaner

powerful tile cleaner

Do you like cooking at home? If so, sticky spots, spills, food particles, and grease might remain on your floor, walls, and cookstove. I hope you have already installed tiles both in the kitchen and bathroom. Now, cleaning your floor is not a challenge anymore. This powerful steamer from Bissell is a real catch!

In comparison with similar Bissell steam cleaners, it’s lightweight and compact. Weighing only about 6 pounds, this steam mop is easy to assemble and use. Its head is 13-inches wide. Thanks to swivel steering, it’s maneuverable and able to get to tight corners and hard-to-reach areas under the furniture.

16-inch water tank capacity is respectable, but not as big as other Bissell models’ tanks. Additionally, it’s only 28.6-inches long which is not too convenient for a tall person. Meanwhile, the power of the heater is impressive. 1,500W. Which is more than enough to heat water in just a few seconds.

It takes only about 30 seconds to heat water and produce steam after you assemble and plug the device in. Its steam control is not the best for sensitive and non-sealed surfaces. It’s continuous, released at any condition.

However, the 3 steam levels make it suitable even to clean sealed laminate or hardwood floors, quite naturally, with the lowest steam setting. Just be careful not to stop cleaning and leave the mop in operation without attention.

Useful Features

As any top-quality steamer, PowerFresh eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It lets you sanitize your floor without harsh chemicals. It features an easy scrubber brush. It’s built-in, flip-down, easy-to-engage. Just press the button by your foot.

The brush is efficient to remove sticky and stubborn stains in the kitchen. It cleans tiles, brightening grout. Additionally, 2 microfiber pads are included: a soft and a scrubby one. Carpet-glider is beneficially included. Additionally, 2 fragrance discs add a fresh scent to your bathroom or kitchen environment.

  • 3 steam levels;
  • removable water tank;
  • maneuverable;
  • powerful;
  • efficient to clean tiles and grout.

  • the water tank is to be stored separately from the mop.


The Bissell Power Fresh (1940) steam mop is efficient when cleaning tile, marble or granite floor and grout. Thanks to its easy scrub brush it removes sticky messes and old stains from any surfaces. You don’t have to apply pressure to the brush. The mop is handy, easy to use and maneuverable. Just don’t leave water in the tank, when the device is not in use. That way it will last for years.

Oreck ORB700MB: Efficient Residential Floor Cleaner

efficient residential floor cleaner

Do you want to adopt a commercial cleaning machine for home use? It’s powerful, efficient, and fast. This machine makes industrial cleaning easy and effortless. Why not use the Orbiter model 700 unit? It’s intended for household use. So, it’s a bit more lightweight. Oreck provides a 10-year limited warranty for its Ultra machine.

Quite naturally, it looks very similar to the Commercial, 550-series model. Both devices are multi-purpose. They suit all floor surface types. Both machines have 12-inch pad drives. They provide 13-inch-wide cleaning paths. What’s the difference? The Orbiter 700 model is black. It stands out by chrome highlights. Additionally, its motor is a bit less powerful, ½ HP.

Do you need to refinish your hardwood floors? This powerful machine helps you to sand, strip or polish them. It restores marble surfaces and deep cleans your carpets. Use it, if you’ve just moved to a new house. It eliminated construction dust and glue from crevices. It’s possible to use the cleaner even on concrete and asphalt surfaces. You’ll only need to buy any special accessories separately.

Possible Accessories and Features

  1. Terrycloth and wool polishing bonnets.
  2. Strip pads.
  3. Scrub brushes.
  4. Dust mops.

Only a pad holder is included. So, you’ll need to select pads and bonnets that suit your surface type. Fortunately, the user manual includes detailed instructions for every application. Pictures and part numbers of all accessories are available.

The commercial machine comes with a metallic finish and a 3/4HP motor. So, there are all basic differences. Both Orbiter cleaners have a lot in common. Each of them lets you scrub your tile floor in the kitchen. It glides back and forth easily, removing residue and dirt. The cleaner is easy-to-use, gliding smoothly over your floor. Elderly people have no restrictions on using it. The Orbiter floor machine is maintenance-free and reliable.

  • efficient;
  • multi-function;
  • easy to use;
  • maintenance-free;
  • durable.

  • I wish it was more lightweight or maneuverable;
  • optional accessories that entail additional costs.


Orbiter model 700 floor cleaner by Oreck is versatile and efficient. It’s top-quality and made in the USA. Oreck Corporation produces powerful vacuums in Cookeville, Tennessee since 1963. It’s reputed and reliable. So, its multi-purpose machine is durable and easy-to-use. This item is heavy-duty, productive, but not lightweight. You might need it if you have a newly-constructed or a large house.

Tineco iFloor: Lightweight Cordless Tile Floor Cleaner

Is your house pretty large? Cleaning the floor area of 2300 sq. ft. every second day could be exhausting. iFloor cleaner from Tineco becomes your lifesaver. A lightweight, cordless device is beneficial. This machine is handy and maneuverable. It helps you to clean hard-to-reach spaces and corners.

Would you prefer a top-quality steamer to clean and disinfect tiles in your kitchen? I think dry-and-wet vac is more efficient. It removes all stubborn dirt from your kitchen surfaces. The washer doesn’t heat water. Use any cleaning and deodorizing solution you like. Quite naturally, the liquid by Tineco is preferable. It’s efficient to remove stubborn dirt and odors. Buy the solution additionally and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The cleaner suits sealed floors cleaning. Use it on marble linoleum and tiles. Why can’t you vacuum your carpets and delicate wood floors with this smart machine? These are no separate dry-wet modes. The mop vacuums the surfaces and washes them simultaneously. It removes large debris particles and dirty liquid.

Useful Features

iFloor wet/dry vacuum features two water tanks. They contain clean and dirty water. They are not too large. But their capacity is ample enough to clean the floors in several large rooms. Spot mode is available. At high speed, the machine sprays the water-based solution. It scrubs messes away. This powerful machine makes cleaning fast and easy.

Is it quiet? The cleaner produces up to 82 dB. It could exceed the permissible noise limit in your state. Quite naturally, you are to change the water and wipe streaks and residue out. Only a pet and child-safe water film remain. After mopping, the surface gets dry in 5-8 minutes. Additionally, the unit is easy to maintain. Press a button to initiate brush roll and tray self-cleaning more. Leave it a docking station to store, letting the battery charge.

  • lightweight;
  • maneuverable;
  • efficient in removing dirt;
  • quick cleaning and drying;
  • simple to put together

  • the battery is not removable;
  • you are to empty and refill water tanks often.


iFloor cleaner by Tineco is lightweight and handy. It’s maneuverable, easy to operate. The wet/dry vacuum is efficient to clean hard floor surfaces, including marble and tiles. It helps you to eliminate stuck-on messes fast and easily.

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY: Versatile and Handy Steam Mop

Do you need to disinfect and mop the tile floor in your kitchen and restroom? Multifunctional Light ‘N’ Easy steam cleaner meets these needs. This handy device helps you to deep-clean your house. It provides fast steam, heating up within 30 seconds. The steamer is versatile. It’s detachable, working on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Several useful attachments are available. 2 grout brushes suit tile floor cleaning. The steam that heats up to 250 °F eliminates grease in your kitchen. It kills bacteria and germs without harmful chemicals. Water-based steaming is safe for pets, kids, and people who suffer from allergies.

The mop helps you to solve virtually all your house cleaning tasks. Steam intensity is adjustable. Select High, Low or Medium level, depending on your current needs. Clean and disinfect furniture, garment, curtains, and delicate surfaces. The cylinder tool disperses vapors, refreshing your pillows or blankets.

The steamer works on any type of floor. It doesn’t damage laminate and hardwood surfaces. An intuitive smart switch and soft microfiber cloth make it safe. In an upright position or when you don’t move it, the cleaner does not release steam. Jet nozzle lets you reach all corners and edges. Window squeegee is also available. It eliminates oil spots on glass surfaces in your kitchen.


  1. Extension hose.
  2. Grout cleaning brushes – 2 pcs.
  3. Microfiber mop pads – 3 pcs.
  4. Jet nozzle.
  5. Cylinder towel.
  6. Window squeegee.

  • fast heat;
  • lightweight;
  • safe and handy in operation;
  • versatile;
  • efficient to mop floors.

  • steam power might be not enough to clean your heavily greased oven;
  • on a sticky surface, you need to push the mop.


The steam mop by Light ‘N’ Easy is safe and user-friendly. It cleans all surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom easily. Based on intelligent technologies, it doesn’t damage delicate surfaces. Additionally, this cleaner is versatile. It works on windows, upholstery and bedding.

Guide to buying a Machine that cleans Tile Floors

best cleanig machine guide

Tile floors are highly strong and wear-proof. This determines their common presence in public places with abundant foot traffic, such as hospitals, dormitories, business centers, malls, etc. Being waterproof, tile floors are also typical of bathrooms, restrooms, and showers, which may be hard to clean. The majority of cleaning devices, as well as chemicals, are likely to leave streaks that spoil the design badly. This is particularly crucial for ceramic floors also vulnerable to spontaneous and severe physical impact. On such a background, it is reasonable to purchase a machine for cleaning tile floors. Those devices vary depending on power, speed, dimensions (weight, length, and width), diameter to cover at once, and materials they can clean safely.

Finale Judgment: Best tile floor cleaner machine

In conclusion, there hardly exists an absolute answer on which tile floor cleaning machine is the best. Any model has both pros and cons, being suitable for specific tasks whereas totally irrelevant for other ones. That’s why we covered a wide range of them so that you can fit one that fits your particular situation.

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  2. OUCH! Why are the Dyson DC41s so expensive!? My sister owns one and I was using hers, I was blown away by the performance but I thought she spent maybe $250 max on that thing. $600 is too much! I have hardwood floors but I am not going to spend over $300 on a vacuum cleaner, no way!

  3. Do not waste your time trying to clean tile with a mop and bucket. I did this for years and I could never get my flooring clean enough. I invested in a machine floor cleaner and have not looked back. Unfortunately, mine just broke on me out of nowhere so I need to have a new one. Reading over the reviews now and deciding which is best for me.

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