How to Protect High Traffic Areas on Your Carpet

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Your carpet sees some of the heaviest footfall throughout the day. Kids, pets, shoes, and sandals, your carpet seems to do an extremely good job at absorbing and hiding every piece of dirt that comes within five feet of it.

How to protect high traffic areas on your carpet? Maintaining the high traffic areas of your carpet can be quite simple, however. Some easy tips and tricks, along with some regular cleaning will keep your carpet spotless and new!

It doesn’t matter how many times you tell the kids to take off their shoes and keep their plates and cups off the carpet. Never mind the, “Oh my god, did you just spill lemonade all over my lovely carpet? Again?”, incident.

That results in a very stressful day of cleaning, one that you shouldn’t need to deal with! So read on!

No Shoes!

Carpets can hide all sorts of dirt and debris from you. Pet hairs, crumbs, and just plain dirt can be lost and forgotten among the fibers of your carpet. Some of these can even affect your health! All of these will be brought in on your shoes if you’re not careful.

If you leave your shoes at the door, you leave your dirt at the door. I can’t even imagine the amount of dirt that we carry around on our shoes every day, and just by taking them off, you can save your carpet the same troubles.

Prevention is better than any cleaning method, that’s for sure!


There is no better tool for an avid cleaner than the regular old vacuum cleaner. A quick once over with your vacuum cleaner every day will pick up massive amounts of loose hair, dirt, and crumbs. Best of all, it shouldn’t take you more than half an hour! 

Put some music on, get that hoover out, and get to work! You’ll save yourself so much trouble just by giving your carpet a regular vacuum cleaning.

Carpet Stain Protector

One of the best things you can do for the high traffic areas on your carpet is to get a stain protector. There are tons of these on the market to choose from. 

They form a seal over your carpet and prevent any sort of spill from soaking in and causing a mess. Now that is something that I wish I’d known before the “lemonade incident”.

Many new carpets already come with a stain protector, so make sure you research this before you go adding another onto your lovely carpet!

The End

As always, some easy family rules should keep most of these problems at bay.

  • No Shoes
  • No Drinks
  • No Dirt!

Easy rules to live by, and your carpet will certainly thank you for them!

High traffic areas on your carpet can be a real pain to clean at times. As long as you keep an eye on them, you should be able to stop any problems with ease.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep your carpet clean.

Thank you for reading.

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