3 Best Bissell Carpet Cleaner Solutions that are Based on Innovative Formulas

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best bissell carpet cleaner solution reviews

When you have a pet that is a cat or dog, hygiene within the home is extremely important. Unfortunately, нour lovely animals may cause terrible stains. That will sit deeply in your favorite furniture upholstery and diffuse awful odors.
Therefore, it’s essential to select and use the best Bissell carpet cleaner solution together with an efficient vacuum cleaner. That removes stains odor, and hair on fabrics, padding, and upholstery.

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Top 3 Bissell Carpet Cleaning solutions

Cleaning the home regularly (maybe, every day) and properly is especially important if you have little kids. Keep it odor-free and tidy to avoid any health problems such as allergies, asthma, etc. You know, fighting all the nasty dust, pollen, fungus, and bacteria that hang around on your floor, even when you can’t see it.

At the same time, you want your carpet cleaner to be safe for kids and pets. Not only that, but also environmentally friendly. Let’s check 3 Bissell carpet washer solutions that are really efficient and safe. See the proven selection.

1. Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Carpet Shampooer: Professional-Grade Formula for Top-quality, Deep-down Clean

bissell cleaning shampoo reviews

Having no education or background in the field of chemistry, I prefer to put trust in Bissell Homecare Company. It is family-owned, based in the USA, and it has a great, 140-years background, offering efficient, innovative cleaning solutions formulas nowadays.

One of them, and the most powerful, I think, is Bissell 78H6B cleaning shampoo. Its formula is proven, leading and recognized as an unbeatable one as it’s evaluated by EPA, being really safe and environment-friendly. Therefore, I recommend all families with little kids and pets use the Bissell carpet cleaner liquid at homes and professionals at the workplaces.

Meanwhile, the solution is concentrated, containing 2X or even more cleaning agents. The Triple-action formula helps your cherished stuff remain clean and odor-free longer, looking good and attractive. The shampooer that is produced and promoted by the famous Bissell company, comes with Scotchgard stain protection that implies not only deep clean but further fiber protection against the future wine, pet and food stains.
It places a reliable barrier on the surface. Therefore, the fabric’ or carpeting’s life is efficiently prolonged and it remains clean, bright and neat. The odor will be successfully eliminated, so my guests may not know that I have pets until they appear in the room.

Final verdict

The solution is suitable for upright deep cleaners and cleaning machines, maximizing their performance. Thus, I recommend the Bissell carpet shampooer, as a safe, environment-friendly, efficient and surface-protecting cleaner solution.

  • concentrated solutions;
  • proven, innovative formula;
  • EPA-evaluated;
  • Scotchgard protection;
  • suits upright cleaners.

  • may not work on volatile oil-based fragrances or odors.

2. Bissell 74R7 Portable Machine Formula: Removes Pet Stains and Soils Efficiently

bissell carpet cleaner solution pet reviews

The 2x professional deep cleaning formula from Bissell is unique, as it contains no harmful matter, such as:

  1. dyes;
  2. phosphates;
  3. heavy metals;
  4. optical brighteners.

It means that it’s completely safe for the pets and all family members, including kids and elderly people. I’ve used the Bissell formula during the whole summer and didn’t notice any impact on my large or small pets.

The Bissell carpet shampooer is designed for various portable carpet cleaners, including compact and deep cleaning machines that are promoted under Bissell or Dirt Devil, Rug Doctor brands. It works also in all kinds of steamers that could be necessary to remove mold together with spores, and dangerous bacteria. Does your pet adore sleeping on the floor or upholstery, chewing the fabric sometimes and spending a lot of time there? If so, regular deep cleaning is recommended to avoid any health issues.

The Bissell solution is concentrated, so a couple ounces are enough to fill the carpet cleaner every time. It is recommended for heavy traffic areas, being really efficient. Use it on the furniture upholstery, watersafe and colorfast fabrics and, of course, stain-resistant carpets. Just test a small fabric area beforehand, and clean it regularly, if everything is ok.

Overall Impression

So, why do I prefer the Bissell solution? It loosens and remover all dirt, odor, soils, and stains fast and without any efforts. The staff smells great after the use, and it just works! Additionally, it prevents repeat carpet soiling, so it remains clean, bright and odor-free. I love when no mess is in my living room, and it takes me only several minutes to clean it. That’s why I recommend the solution as the good cleaning shampoo that is safe and efficient.

  • contains no dyes, heavy metals, phosphates or brighteners;
  • 2x concentrated formula;
  • efficient even for heavy traffic areas;
  • removes odors, soils, and stains;
  • prevents repeat carpet soiling;
  • versatile, suitable for multiple types of portable cleaner machines;
  • makes home smell fresh.

  • not good for the fabrics that fade, being not water-safe.

3. Bissell 95C9 Stain Remover: Efficient Oxygen Solution for Removing Tough Stains and Pet Spots

bissell oxy gen2 cleaning solution reviews

The solution that is promoted as non-aerosol spray, coming in the smallest bottle among the available perfect products. Thus, I should really work well!

The Bissell spray is based on the innovative oxygen technology that is patented, being really powerful. It is environmentally-friendly, using oxygen bubbles to clean the carpet, releasing and lifting stains. Quite naturally, the solution is non-toxic, having nearly the same power as the chemicals such as bleach or ammonia.

Thus, the Bissell solution removes al carpet stains and spots, including tough ones, as well as:

  1. odors;
  2. mildew;
  3. mold;
  4. beverage stains;
  5. mud and dirt;
  6. oil and grease.

The Bissell cleaner spray is incredibly efficient against new pet stains, such as blood, urine, vomit, feces, etc. It penetrated deep to the carpet fibers, up to the backing, removing the smallest and larger particles of dirt.

On older stains, I use a lot of sprays, leaving it for an hour or two, and remove the liquid with a paper towel. The carpet remains bright and clean for several days, at least, until my playful pets make an additional mess.

Common Representation

Thus, I guess that in terms of tough stains and spots, it’s the super Bissell carpet cleaner solutions pets like, or at least, it is really safe for them. Being environmentally friendly, the spray works well, removing tough and old organic stains. So, I recommend it to all pet owners, especially if your cat or dog spoils the carpet every day or week.

  • based on oxygen technology;
  • removes tough odor and spots;
  • eco-friendly;
  • contains no hazardous solvents or propellants;
  • biodegradable detergent;
  • odor control.

  • it takes some time until the solutions works on old or tough stains;
  • the bottle is very small.

Conclusion: What the Super Bissell Carpet Cleaner Solution

Thus, requiring best Bissell carpet cleaner solution, I commonly select the safe, environment-friendly and efficient ones. I prefer the concentrated solutions that let me save money and streamline the cleaning process, making the room bright and neat.

The quality carpet solution for pet stains removes all organic spots, dirt, soils and, quite naturally, odors, making the room smell good and look clean and neat. Now you know which Bissell solutions I prefer and why. I have tried all of them, with different cleaner machines or for dissimilar cleaning tasks solving. I recommend you to select one of them or several ones, combining them according to the situation and prolong your carpet’s life, making it clean and always as bright as a new one.

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