Best Vacuum for Long Human Hair on Carpet or Hard Floor

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best vacuum for long human hair

Your snug house seems to be completely clean. However, the residue remains. Consisting of dust, food byproducts, and skin flakes, it’s hidden in the corners, behind the furniture and TV sets. Fortunately, the best vacuum for long human hair can eliminate all debris.

How to select a good vacuum for carpet? Quite naturally, powerful suction is a must. Availability of modern HEPA filters is helpful. Brand matters when it goes about the durability, reliability, and warranty provided. Additionally, consider the vacuum’s weight, usability, and available options.

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So, let me recommend several perfect vacuum cleaners to choose from. All of them are upright, bagless and maneuverable. They are easy to carry and use, performant and functional. I guess the differences that still exist are very subtle. Is it difficult to find them? Just read the review and make your informed choice.

5 Best Vacuum for Long Human Hair in 2024

#1. Bissell 2254
  • Shipping Weight, lbs. - 19.35
  • Dust Cup Capacity, L - 1
  • Cord Length, ft - 27
  • Cleaning Path, in. - 13.5
  • Warranty, years - 4
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#2. Eureka NEU202
  • Shipping Weight, lbs. - 17.9
  • Dust Cup Capacity, L - 1
  • Cord Length, ft - 25
  • Cleaning Path, in. - 12.6
  • Warranty, years - 2
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#3. Shark Navigator ZU561
  • Shipping Weight, lbs. - 18.45
  • Dust Cup Capacity, L - 2.2
  • Cord Length, ft - 25
  • Cleaning Path, in. - 12
  • Warranty, years - 5
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#4. OCVAC VC9810
  • Shipping Weight, lbs. - 13.22
  • Dust Cup Capacity, L - 1.2
  • Cord Length, ft - 23.6
  • Cleaning Path, in. - 12
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#5. Dirt Devil UD70355B
  • Shipping Weight, lbs. - 17.7
  • Dust Cup Capacity, L - 1.5
  • Cord Length, ft - 25
  • Cleaning Path, in. - 12
  • Warranty, years - 2
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1. Bissell Cleanview Swivel: Best Vacuum to Pick up Hair

best vacuum to pick up long hair

Have you got several dogs or cats? They might be long-haired. I am sure, you adore your lovely pets. For example, long-haired dogs always look great. They are perfect companions. Additionally, their fur is soft and pleasant to touch. Do you like brushing it? It’s a great pleasure.

Now you can also save pets. With the Bissell Company, it’s easy. Purchase this functional vacuum, donating $10 to the pet foundation. Quite naturally, it’s not the key reason to buy the device. It’s just very efficient, easy to maneuver and pretty lightweight.

The vacuum cleaner is powerful. 8-amps power rating is pretty good for a device of this kind. It comes with a strong engine that ensures successful suction. A vacuum is very efficient to pick up pet hair. It’s equipped with 2 special tools. One of them is designed for corners. TurboEraser is perfect for carpets and upholstery.

Multi-use tools are designed for crevice areas, upholstery cleaning and dusting. Main brush roll is amazing! It’s triple-action, efficiently loosening, lifting and removing dirt, dust and hair. The brush comes with 2 bristle types. Some of them are long, soft, able to remove fine debris from bare floors. The other ones are shorter, more efficient on the carpets.

Therefore, the Bissell vacuum cleaner works great on all types of surfaces, including bare and hardwood floors. Carpets, area rugs, pet beds are successfully cleaned. The device is preferable for hard-to-reach areas, such as corners and blinds. Unique, scatter-free technology enables it.

Interesting Information

The multi-cyclonic system traps the dust, keeping it away from filters and the engine.  So, the vacuum is long-lasting. It’s beneficially backed by a 4-year warranty. The device is highly-efficient, providing multi-level filtration. Quite naturally, the filter is not HEPA. However, more dust particles and allergens are removed from the air.

Additionally, the vacuum is compliant with the IEC 60312-1 Standard. Its performance was tested. Therefore, I rate the CleanView vacuum cleaner (model 2254) so high. It’s produced by the famous Bissell company that says it all.

A cord is 27-feet long, cleaning path is 13.5-inches-wide. 5 cleaning height settings are available. The unit is maneuverable, designed for all surface types. It eliminates all debris and hair from the corners, that is an unchallengeable benefit.

  • great performance;
  • perfect brushes and attachments;
  • advanced maneuverability;
  • multi-level air filtration;
  • powerful suction.

  • no HEPA filter.


I think that Bissell Cleanview Swivel is able to cope with the selection of long or short hair on absolutely any surface. It has the best overall performance! Isn’t this a miracle?

2. Eureka NEU202: Best Vacuum for Long Dog Hair

vacuum cleaner for long pet hair

Nowadays, dog’s and human hair on the floor is not an issue. Just use a powerful, lightweight vacuum cleaner, such as Eureka NEU202. The devices from the PowerSpeed series by Eureka are amazing. Featuring the powerful 8-AMP engines, they come with strong suction power.

Quite naturally, the vacuum is designed for all flooring types. Any surface such as hardwood, tiles, carpets or rugs can be efficiently cleaned. Furniture upholstery cleaning is also enabled. Selection is performed by turning a dial. So, the device is beneficially versatile.

I think the vacuum is not the best for hardwood floors and tiles. The brushes are not the best suited for surface cleaning. Meanwhile, the vacuum is highly efficient on carpets and rugs. The available accessories are:

  1. a 7-inch crevice tool;
  2. a dusting brush;
  3. an upholstery tool;
  4. a pet turbo brush.

Thus, the tool, designed for removing pet and human hair is a vacuum’s advantage. The brush comes with self-adjusting spinning blades. Therefore, it picks up more hair than other brushes. Cleaning mess off the sofas, chairs and carpets is fast and effortless.

Due to the extra-large, XL dust cup, the vacuum cleaner is easy to maintain. Cleaning with this powerful device is fast and hassle-free. It requires fewer delays. You are to empty the dust cup less often. It’s transparent, and it lets you see when is the right time to do it. The flip lid makes opening easier.

Particular Qualities

What are the other beneficial features? LED lights enhance visibility when you clean the floor under the furniture. The flexible hose is 10-ft-long (with the nozzle), providing reach to curtains and ceilings. The foam filter is washable. The cord is long. I guess the auto-rewind feature is common for top-quality vacuums nowadays. However, it’s available, and I like it.

  • powerful;
  • easy-to-use;
  • versatile;
  • easy-to-maintain;
  • lightweight.

  • a bit noisy;
  • not the best for bare floors.


So, I recommend the Eureka NEU 202 vacuum for all pet owners. If your hair is long and you shed it every day, the device is also helpful. It’s lightweight, powerful and efficient. Additionally, the vacuum is manufactured in the USA, by the Midea America Corp. It was founded in Detroit, more than a hundred years ago. So, the company is experienced and well-known over the world.

3. Shark ZU561: Technology-Savvy Vacuum Cleaner for Long Hair

shark laminate floor cleaner

Do you suffer from an allergy? If so, it doesn’t mean you can’t adopt a long-haired pet. Should you also become bald? Quite naturally, it’s not a good way out. Just buy and use the cleaner that traps allergens efficiently.

Shark Navigator comes with the advanced HEPA filter. Working in tandem with the patented “complete seal” technology, it ensures the best possible air purity. According to ASTM F1977, it traps up to 99.97% of dust and dirt particles. Quite naturally, the ones that are not smaller than 0.3 microns.

Pre-motor filters made of foam and felt are also available. They are washable, designed for being air-dried. The vacuum is handy and lightweight. It’s suitable for cleaning the stairs, upholstery and bare surfaces. It works well for various above-floor areas.

Quite naturally, the hose is a bit short it’s only 6.6-feet long. However, the lift-away mode lets you extend the reach. Cord length is common it makes 25 feet. The unit’s power is 800 W, that is pretty good for successful suction. It picks up a lot of debris. Current sufficient for the vacuum to operate is specified as 6.7 amps.

Additional Information

So, why do I like the device? It stands out by the amazing, easy-to-maintain brush roll. Based on the unique Zero-M technology, it’s beneficially self-cleaning. Cleaner removes a lot of dust and hair from the surfaces. It gets wrapped around the advanced brush roll. Afterward, hair wrapped around the vacuum roller is removed by the cleaner head. Technology name implies zero maintenance.

Other 3 tools included are:

  1. a pet power brush;
  2. rectangular multi-tool;
  3. a crevice attachment +dusting brush.

The power brush is designed to remove pet hair and debris from rugs and upholstery. Convertible tool makes bedding cleaning easier. It consists of the basic part with bristles and a rubber attachment. The crevice tool comes together with the small soft brush.

  • efficient filters;
  • easy-to-maintain;
  • maneuverable;
  • powerful;
  • suitable for staircases’ cleaning.

  • no LED lights;
  • the cord is not retractable.


So, I recommend the vacuum, especially for the people that suffer from allergy. It’s maneuverable, powerful, easy-to-maintain. Additionally, the cleaner is efficient to trap allergens and dirt. It also removes pet and human hair pretty good.

4. OCVAC VC9810: Suitable Vacuum for Laminate Floors


Why do I recommend a vacuum cleaner that is made in China? We even can’t find out the manufacturer’s name. Well, I like the unit as it does the job. Coming with 2 modern but quiet motors, the unit is very powerful. Its suction ability is impressive.

Overheating is impossible due to thermal protection. Both HEPA and foam filters are available. All dust and debris are trapped inside. The multi-cyclonic system enhances the filtration process. It improves dust particles removing from the air-flow. Small dust is collected in the central dust chamber. Larger debris remains in the outer one.

Additionally, the vacuum is lightweight, easy to navigate. Thanks to the low-profile design, it gets corners and difficult sports. Swivel steering is beneficial, making the navigation flexible and efforts-free. Just twist the handle and skip around any obstacles such as furniture or cables on the floor.

The vacuum is versatile, designed for all surface types. It’s suitable for carpets, rugs, tiles and hardwood floors. However, it works better for bare floors. Why? Suction is strong, the vacuum is easy to turn and drag around. The reason is in the absence of height adjustment. The main brush roll is low-profile, so you are to thrust the device forward on the rug edges.

Features and Specifications

Only 3 attachments are included. But for the efficient pet turbo brush, a crevice tool and a dusting brush are available. However, the crevice nozzle is very good. It’s very thin and long. So, you can reach any corner, any area under the furniture, any nook or cranny.

  • strong suction;
  • lightweight;
  • a HEPA filter available;
  • easy navigation;
  • good attachments.

  • short cord;
  • no automatic rewind.


So, I recommend the vacuum cleaner. I am not sure about the warranty. Before buying the product, ask this question to the sellers, OCVAC Direct US. However, I am sure the unit is durable and reliable. The motors are powerful, protected from dust. A cord is short, 23.6-ft-long. The hose seems to be long enough, at least for a small or medium-size apartment.

5. Dirt Devil Razor Pet: Best Inexpensive Vacuum for Pet Hair

best low-cost vacuum for pet hair

Vacuum Dirt Devil looks very solid. A lot of its parts are plastic. The bristles are made of thin nylon. It’s normal for an affordable vacuum cleaner. Does it affect the quality? I don’t think so. It performs well, being lightweight and maneuverable.

Suction is strong. What about the motor? It’s powerful, rated at 8-amps current. The dust cup is large, easy-to-maintain. The 3-stage filtration technology that implies no loss of suction is not bad. Quite naturally, A HEPA filter is not available. But the ones that are included (primary and exhaust filters) do the job.

The brush roll is low-profile. The head swivels and swerves at 10 degrees. Cleaning is perfect, as steering around is so easy. Hard-to-reach areas under the furniture, on the stair, in the corners are not an issue anymore. Can you reach the ceiling with the wand? Yes, it’s possible. Hose is only 6.6-ft-long, but extra wand that is 10-ft-long saves the situation.

Dirt Devil is a US-based company. It was founded in 1905 in Cleveland. Initially, the company produced vacuums in metal cases. Since the 1980s, vacuum cleaners in plastic cases have been sold. The company is a part of the international TTI Corporation. Techtronic Industries is a Hong-Kong-based firm. So, I am not sure, the vacuum is made in the USA. But I hope, it’s true.

Useful Opportunities

Now, why do I recommend this product for long hair removing? Only 2 additional attachments are included. One of them, that is Pet Turbo Tool (Turboclaw) tackles hair on upholstery and carpets. It’s fast and efficient.

The Spin4Pro brush roll also does the job. The second attachment is a 2-in-1 crevice and dusting tool. It’s common. So you can clean all surfaces in your house, including stairs, for 5 minutes with the vacuum. They are clean!

  • powerful suction;
  • easy-to-use;
  • swivel head;
  • good to remove pet hair.

  • no HEPA filter.

Buyers’ Guide

Longs strands of hair you shed every day may become a vital problem. Mixing with dust and debris, it makes a lot of mess. This residue can become annoying. Without the right product to pick it up, cleaning becomes time-consuming and exhausting. Nobody likes dealing with stubborn dirt all weekends long.

Meanwhile, do you lose a lot of hair? The reason may be in hair hygiene or even in a serious medical condition. For example, hair loss can be caused by:

  • physical or emotional stress;
  • lack of protein or biotin;
  • anemia;
  • pregnancy;
  • chemotherapy;
  • antidepressants.

First of all, proper nutrition is a must. Consume meat, egg yolks, mushrooms and nuts. These foodstuffs contain biotin. This nutrient is a member of the vitamin B family. It’s also a component of enzymes in the body that promotes hair growth.

Additionally, try to avoid stresses. According to recent research, they can cause depression and even epigenetic changes. In case of serious health issues, consult a specialist doctor, such as trichologist or hematologist.

Can You Vacuum Hair?

Normal loss is about 100 hairs a day. If you shed them, it represents no health risks. However, hair in the air and on the surfaces is not beneficial. As the health professionals state, hair is not an allergen. However, it collects pet urine, dander and saliva.

Mixing with skin flakes, lint and pollen, hair becomes good food for dust mites. You or your family members may start coughing, sneezing, suffering from itching or nasal congestion. Inflammation of nasal passages can be caused by dust. Finally, this mess and debris might lead to asthma.

So, you have to remove pet and human hair from the floors and upholstery. Vacuuming is the best way to do it, especially when it goes about carpets.

Here you can see more information about best vacuum for carpet!

To eliminate hair from furniture, you can use also:

  • dampened rubber gloves;
  • soft cloth;
  • anti-static spray;
  • fabric softener.

How many hours would the cleaning take? You could devote this time to your family, hobby or friends. Hard-to-reach areas in the corners and under the furniture probably remain dirty.

What Can You Use to Clean Laminate Floors?

Bare floors are easier to clean. Excess dirt, debris and hair can be removed from laminate by:

  1. Soft brush.
  2. Dry dust mop.
  3. Damp cloth.
  4. Microfiber towel.

Some mild detergent or vinegar can be added to the water to eliminate stubborn stains or spills. Vacuuming is the fastest and easiest method. It takes only about 5 minutes to clean a house that is about 1500 sq. ft. large. However, use a brush with soft, silky bristles. A brush roll can damage or scratch the delicate surface.

What is the Best Vacuum for Long Human Hair on Carpet?

First of all, scientists recommend using good, anti-allergen filters. A HEPA filtration system is the most efficient. It’s perfect for the people that suffer from allergy. The ones made of foam or felt are washable. They require no maintenance expenses. However, they trap not all dust and dirt particles.

The other important feature of the vacuum cleaner to consider are:

  • clean technology;
  • weight;
  • dust cap capacity;
  • design;
  • suction power;
  • hose diameter;
  • swivel head.

Bagless models are easy to use and eco-friendly. You don’t need to purchase the new bags over and over, so the cleaners are cheaper to maintain. A transparent dust cup lets you see when to empty it.

Corded vacuums are still preferable, as they are more powerful and efficient. The swivel head makes the device maneuverable. If it’s also lightweight, you can use it, reaching all corners and areas. Wide hose diameter is good as it enables strong suction, being not prone to blockages and clogs.

What about the attachments? Quite naturally, a self-cleaning (tangle-free) brush roll is better. Removing the hair manually after cleaning is not pleasant. A turbo per brush is also helpful if you have a pet or lose hair. The other tools and nozzles can be replaced if you don’t like them.


Finest vacuum for long human hair is the CleanView Swivel model from Bissell. It’s powerful and maneuverable, coming with multiple great attachments. Eureka NEU202 is highly recommended for carpets and area rug cleaning. The vacuum ZU561 from Shark Ninja is equipped with an efficient HEPA filter.

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